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Carpet Cleaning

Spokane, WA Carpet Cleaning, Upholstery, Tile & Grout, Oriental & Area Rugs, Duct Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning

Don & Sons Carpet Cleaning can help you and much more. We clean carpets for your Home, Vehicles, RV and your Business. We offer affordable and reasonable prices for everyone - including Military and Seniors!

• Moving in or moving out?
• Need to pass an Inspection?
• Need Urine Treatment?
• Have Spills and Stains?
• Just have some cleaning to do!!

Don & Sons Carpet Cleaning specializes in Customer Service. We take great joy in serving you!

We Clean:

Residential Carpets

Commercial Carpets

Vehicle Carpets

Recreational Vehicle Carpets

We Use:

Truck Mount Unit - Hot Water Extraction

Wand - or our Rotovac 360 for heavily soiled carpets

Soap Free Green Products to clean Carpets

Some spots and stains require a more aggressive cleaner which will be rinsed out of the carpet as soon as it is done doing its job. All products whether green or not green are rinsed out of the carpeting when we are finished!

We Do:

Black Light Inspections

Stain Treatments



Spots & Heavily Soiled Areas

Carpet Protector

Urine Treatments

Carpet Cleaning Topics

These topics have answers to some of the major questions from our Customers concerning Carpet Cleaning. If there are any unanswered questions - please do not hesitate to call us!

For Residents
We can give you a fairly close estimate over the phone depending on your description of the carpeted areas that need cleaning. We generally only need to know which rooms you need cleaned and if they are regular or oversized areas. Please inform us if you have oversized areas so we may give you the best quote possible.

For Businesses
PLEASE give us a call and we will come out and give you a FREE Estimate.

Truck Mount Unit - Hot Water Extraction

The method recommended by the Carpet Manufacturers is to use 'Hot Water Extraction', which is sometimes called Steam Cleaning. It is considered to be the best way to clean carpets. Our Truck-Mounted Unit uses a powerful gas fueled engine to turn the components instead of electricity. Hot water then kills many types of bacteria on contact while the powerful vacuum extracts the bacteria, dirt, allergens and other environmental pollutants from deep within the carpet fibers without using detergents and shampoos.

Portable Cleaning Unit - Hot Water Extraction

We also offer our 'Portable Cleaning Unit' when our Truck Mount Hoses do not have the ability to reach from the ground - up to several floors high. Our Portable Unit uses electricity and has hot water extraction.

The Rotovac 360 & The Wand

At Don & Sons Carpet Cleaning we use both. During the initial inspection of your carpets, the decision will be made for which tool would be best for your carpet cleaning.

The photo to your far right is an example of what your carpets might look like especially if your carpets are really really dirty. This Rotovac 360' is an awesome tool that we at Don & Sons Carpet Cleaning are very happy to have incorporated into part of our equipment!

The Rotovac 360 is a Patent Pending Rotary Extraction Power Head that utilizes rotary vacuum heads to thoroughly deep clean carpet with hundreds of multi-directional cleaning passes.

How To Prepare For Your Cleaning

• Turn A/C down to 68 degrees because you want to create a dry, cool environment in order for the carpet to dry in a timely manner in the Summer Time. In Cooler weather, we recommend the heat be set between 70-72 degrees to dry out the air for the carpets to dry in a timely manner. Average drying times for most jobs is 1-4 hours depending upon the amount of circulation in the home and up to 12 hours for areas of high humidity. Basement drying times can increase because of trapped moisture. Again, the more air circulation you have, such as fans, open windows, an air conditioner in warmer weather, and heat circulation in cooler weather helps to quicken the drying time.

• Please, pick up everything off the carpet area where we will be cleaning. Remove all items off anything you wish the technician to move and clean under, such as end tables, coffee tables and night stands. We move most furniture that one man can move. Please move as much furniture as you can without over burdening yourself! If there is anything ON or IN your furniture, we WILL NOT move it. We move couches and love seats without an additional charge. We do not move Entertainment Centers, Pianos, China Hutches or any other overly large furniture.

Any furniture that is going to be moved by us, please leave in the original setting when you vacuum. Please inform us, at the time we are at your appointment of what furniture you DO NOT want moved.

• Please Vacuum before we show up for the job. Vacuuming is important to get even better results.

• If the house is empty, we will need the water and electricity turned on. This will allow the carpet to dry in a timely manner to prevent any mildew problems.

• Please make arrangements for pets to be in the back yard or in a room that we are not cleaning. The door that we use to bring in the hoses will remain open until the cleaning is completed.

Our Cleaning Procedures

• We pre-examine areas for carpet problems

• We pre-treat all of the carpets that are going to be cleaned

• We pre-treat spots at the technician's discretion

• We rinse the carpets with the truck-mounted unit, hot water extraction or our portable unit with hot water extraction, using the powerful vacuum of the machine. (Our trucks have a holding tank for dirty water. We do not recycle the water).

• We move most furniture that one man can move.. We will move furniture a few feet, clean the carpet, and return the furniture to the original spot. Furniture is placed on blocks or pads to prevent furniture stains on the carpet.

• When we are finished cleaning, please be careful walking from carpet to tile areas to prevent accidents.

• For longer carpet life and fewer permanent stains, we recommend and offer Carpet Protector.

• If you are not completely satisfied with your carpet cleaning, call within 3 to 5 days of cleaning and we will come back and Reservice for FREE.

• That's OUR 100% GUARANTEE!

How Often? Recommended Carpet Cleaning

We suggest having your carpets cleaned at least once a year. If you have children, heavily traffic areas and/or pets, we suggest cleaning every 3 to 6 months depending on the amount of traffic on the carpet. We are also always here for accidents, spills and urine treatments in between those cleaning times.


Stains are defined as anything that gets on the Carpet that has DYED the Carpet. Red, Orange, Yellow, Green Stains, Coffee and Tea Stains. Vomit and Urine Stains. The Stains mentioned are Stains that cannot be removed with Conventional Cleaners and Conventional Techniques. Sometimes Cleaners have been previously used to attempt to clean them, but to no avail. Please give us a call so we may answer your questions on specifics. These Stains are time consuming. Stains require special Products and Techniques to remove them.

Urine Treatment

Urine Treatment is extremely detailed. It can be an inexpensive to extremely expensive experience. Animals can cause a lot of damage to your carpets, padding and sub-floors. When an animal urinates, they can urinate a little or a lot. An area of urine can be as little as a cup of urine or if your pet continues to go back to that spot and urinate, you can be looking at gallons of urine in one area. We know! Our job is to inspect your carpeting with a black light to find all of the problem pet areas. Then we treat each area individually to ensure that when we are finished, all urine is removed from your carpet.

Pet Urine CANNOT BE REMOVED WITH REGULAR CARPET CLEANING. A known fact! It is important that you let us know before we show up, that you are dealing with Pet Urine, so that we can discuss the issue with you. Then we have a proper amount of time to inspect, treat, clean and rinse. We do not want you to be surprised at an additional charge for Urine Treatment. We need you to make sure you inform us before the appointment so that we may better serve you!

(SPECIAL NOTE: There are some situations where the pet urine problem cannot be solved by traditional urine treatment of the carpets. This may require removal of carpeting and pad and sealing of the subfloor. This, we will discuss at the time of service, so that you can make an educated decision on the best direction for your needs.)

Don & Sons Carpet Cleaning WILL advise you upon inspection of your carpets, before we start cleaning, if the damage is beyond repair by conventional cleaning methods.

Should you pre-treat urine before we show up? That is a NO. The products that you use may cause our products to be unproductive. Some products can work against each other setting stains and urine


Deodorizing is required, not because of pet urine, but because of odors that come off of your pets or food that lingers in the air. Maybe you burned something, smoke odors... basically anything that causes an odor that sits in the air for a long time, absorbs into the carpets, walls... etc;, just about everything. Your carpets are the major sponge. Our Deodorizer, when used, eliminates those odors and odor causing bacteria.

Carpet Protector

Most everyone's question has been: "Does Carpet Protector really work?" YES!! ...and "why"? If you want to save your carpets to allow them to last you a longer amount of time, Carpet Protector is essential! "What does it do?" Carpet Protector, when sprayed on properly, surrounds each individual fiber and keeps dirt and spills from penetrating or dying the actual fibers. The carpets can be cleaned up, by you, easily without damage.

An Example: Wine or Kool-Aid, which are known stains, when your carpet is protected, can be extracted easily with cold water (only). Ask us more about Carpet Protector at your appointment or give us a call! We recommend Carpet Protector for your Carpets!!

Black Light Inspections

We do Black Light Inspections to locate any Urine or Vomit that has been deposited on the Carpeting. A Black Light is only affective when a room is dark. When we Black Light, we close all drapes, turn off all lights and close all doors to the area to ensure a proper Inspection. Usually, our customers are right there to see where the problem areas are.

Drying Times

Average drying times for most jobs is 1-4 hours depending upon the amount of circulation in the home and up to 12 hours for areas of high humidity. Basement drying times can increase because of the increased amount of humidity. Again, the more air circulation you have, such as fans, open windows, an air conditioner in warmer weather, and heat circulation in cooler weather from your furnace helps to quicken the drying time.

Carpet Cleaning Prices - "How Much Will This Cost?"

Affordable and reasonable prices for everyone including Military and Seniors!

Prices are set for regular sized rooms, not oversized! Please let us know when setting appointment if you have oversized rooms.

We have affordable prices with No Hidden Costs and Professional Expert Services you can count on! It's 100% Guaranteed!

Carpet Cleaning
*$120.00 Minimum

Our prices are set for basic cleaning only.
Prices are subject to change without prior notice.

Carpet Cleaning Special*

Two Areas And A Hallway


*Pet Urine and Stains are Extra

* We Pre-Treat Your Carpets

* We Use Hot Water Extraction!

* Truck Mount Unit!

* Included In The Carpet Cleaning Are Spots & Heavily Soiled Traffic Areas!

* Our Carpet Cleaning Specials and Prices Are Set For Regular Sized Rooms! If You Have Oversized Rooms, Please Be Aware They Could Be Considered 2 Areas Or More!

* We are not furniture movers and if there is any damage to furniture we will not be responsible, so we would prefer that you move much furniture as you can.

Licensed • Bonded • Insured

Spokane Carpet Cleaning, Upholstery, Tile, Grout and Area Rug Cleaning, Duct Cleaning in Spokane, Washington - Don and Sons C

Our Guarantee*
Is To Give You The Most Thorough Cleaning Ever Or We Will RE-SERVICE For FREE!
Contact us within 3-5 business days after initial cleaning

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