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Don & Sons Carpet Cleaning - About Us
Welcome to Our Website

We want to share a little personal information about us with the hopes that you may come along side us and make that choice to choose Don & Sons Carpet Cleaning for your cleaning needs.

Don and Sues Lummus began talking about a Cleaning Business when they first married back in 1996. A lot of writing on napkins, drinking coffee and tea making decisions that have given us our foundation for the best service in the cleaning industry we could come up with. All of the 'talk' was about future customers and what we could do to create a business where we could reach the goals that were important to us. Don had started working in the carpet cleaning industry back in 1992 and fell in love with the business. That right there was a good start. He was a tech, trained and taught all of the services we have incorporated. He knew what he wanted to see back then. We named the business after our three boys were born. Don & Sons Carpet Cleaning!

Our Motto

Don & Sons Carpet Cleaning is committed to giving you the best service possible at the best possible price!

Don Lummus

Now, there was something at the top of our list that was of a firm importance: To set prices! Something that the carpet cleaning industry didn't seem to put out there. So, we did! You have the opportunity to see what you are going to be charged with no hidden prices. Our customers have let us know through the years that we were the best but that we were cheap and we should raise our prices. Don and Sues have peace with the prices. The only reason we raise our prices is because we have to. Economy! All we wanted was to be reasonable and affordable and still provide outstanding and comparable services to the best out there. Which included finding products that work, equipment with power and keeping up on the latest in technology in our field. We considered all of the topics about Spokane and the surrounding towns and the cost of living. Our economy - now there's a subject! The truth is, our economy is what has helped form our prices. We really hope you enjoy that they are reasonable and affordable. We also hope that you see that we, after all these years, specialize in all that we clean. This IS a technical business! We do service Spokane and surrounding areas and pretty much all walks of life living here!

Dons words back then, became our Motto. "I want to be committed to giving the best service possible at the best possible price." Sues quickly wrote those words down and Don and Sues realized that THAT was exactly what ALL of the coffee and tea and Talk was all about. Giving our best, even on a bad day.

Please enjoy our website! Call us! Don and Sues Lummus have enjoyed our loyal customers since January of 2003 when we started. Yes! We have customers that have been with us since our beginnings. We also take a lot of joy in the fact that our business has grown because of 'word of mouth' and the referrals have been amazing to us! That's the best advertising we have! Our Customers! When they're not happy, we are not happy. When they are happy, we are happy! That's also why we set a guarantee to be there for our customers. We wanted the accountability from the beginning.

So... if we have missed something, email us a donandsonscarpetcleaning@gmail.com If you have a topic of discussion that needs to be addressed here on the website, please contact us. We do enjoy our business. We do enjoy our customers. As you know - we wouldn't be here without you!

Great day! Enjoy!
Don & Sues Lummus

Our Guarantee*
Is To Give You The Most Thorough Cleaning Ever Or We Will RE-SERVICE For FREE!
Contact us within 3-5 business days after initial cleaning
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