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Window Cleaning

• Is it time for your Windows to sparkle?
• Ready for a clearer view?
• Ready for the "every 6 months" appointment?

Whatever your Window Cleaning needs are, Don & Sons Carpet Cleaning can help you and much more. We clean Interior & Exterior Windows for your Home and your Business. Don & Sons Carpet Cleaning is the Window Cleaning Specialist you are looking for. We offer affordable and reasonable prices for everyone - including Military and Seniors!

Don & Sons Carpet Cleaning specializes in Customer Service. We take great joy in serving you!

We Clean:

• Interior & Exterior Residential Window Panes
• Interior & Exterior Business Window Panes

Window Cleaning Spokane
We Use:

• Professional Cleaning Products

We Do:

• Free Phone Estimates
• Excessive Hard Water Stains
• Wipe down the sills
• Heavy Over Spray of Paint
• Clean Screens upon request
• Storm Window Removal & Install
• Exterior Sky Lights Only
• Our ladders reach up to 3 stories or 22'. For the most part we can get to most residential and small business windows but there are those instances where our ladders are not tall enough and that is rare.

Window Cleaning Topics

How to Prepare For Your Window Cleaning

• Please remove breakables from interior windows.

• We do our best to try to protect your plants and flowers from any damage but now and then accidents do happen.

• If you are not planning to be home when the technician is coming to clean your windows, please have a gate unlocked and your pets secure.

• Most screens, we can remove from the outside. If they cannot be removed from the outside we ask you to remove the screens yourselves from the inside so the tech can get right to work when he gets to the job.

Window Cleaning Spokane, WA

Our Minimums

We at Don & Sons Carpet Cleaning have a Minimum charge to come out no matter how small the job. That Minimum that we charge covers all of our expenses to ensure each and every job gets the quality desired.

• If you are not completely satisfied with our Window Cleaning, please call within 3 to 5 days of cleaning and we will come back and Reservice for FREE.

• That's OUR 100% GUARANTEE!

Understanding How We Charge For Windows

We charge by the 'PANE'.
For example:

A Sliding Glass Door is 4 panes.
2 Panes Inside and 2 Panes Outside.
Count up your Window Panes and Multiply them by $2.50.
2 Window Panes at $2.50 = $5.00

Window Cleaning Spokane, WA

Window Cleaning Prices

Below, we have provided a PRICE LIST for our Interior & Exterior Window Cleaning Services! Affordable and reasonable prices for everyone including Military and Seniors! There are No Hidden Costs and we provide Professional Expert Services you can count on! If you are not completely satisfied with your Window Cleaning, call within 3 to 5 days of cleaning and we will come back and Reservice for FREE.

That's OUR 100% GUARANTEE!

Carpet Cleaning Prices Spokane, WA
*$90.00 Minimum

Prices are subject to change without prior notice.


Our Guarantee*
Is To Give You The Most Thorough Cleaning Ever Or We Will RE-SERVICE For FREE!
Contact us within 3-5 business days after initial cleaning
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